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The Biz Games specializes in:

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    Company Parties

    We can plan your next team building event, sales kick-off, or annual company party. We’ll make it epic! Already have an event planner to handle the details? GREAT! We will jump in and be the FUN Committee!

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    Team Building

    Building and unifying a team shouldn’t be boring, lame, or done with people who just aren’t very much fun! Great news! We aren’t boring or lame, and we’ve been told we are TONS of FUN!

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    Tournament Trips

    Have you used “Incentive Travel” to motivate your team? Let us help! We have decades of experience in traditional “Team Spoiling”… and are launching an entirely different experience with our trips.

Office games, anyone?

Private parties and Team Building events

Strategic Team Play

Teams that play together stay together! Fortunately for you, The Biz Games has taken office play to a whole new strategic level. You're welcome!

Mix It Up

We like mixing things up at
The Biz Games, like finding innovative competitions or rule tweaks to common games. Teams will need strategy to win at these games!

Count Us In!

Unique Themes

In addition to our popular
Office Edition Tournament, we're constantly creating new ideas, themes, and pre-built party packages to choose from!

LIke What?

Close your eyes and imagine
live Mario Kart and Angry Birds, hoverboard jousting and Quidditch, or Nerf dodgeball and sixteen-person foosball!

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Fun Competition

Ridiculous trophies and prizes, innovative competitions, awesome highlight reels, trash-talking, laughter, hugs, high fives, and even a few tears!

So Much Fun!

Only some people win, but everyone has a blast at The Biz Games! There's nothing we love more than hearing your people say, "That was so much fun!"

Let's Do This!

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    520 North Main Ste C507 Heber, Utah 84032