Bubble Games and Competitions

Depending on the size of the group, we will divide teams into smaller teams who will compete head-to-head against each other in pounding, fun bubble games. Round-robin-style tournament ensures that every team plays each other. Group size also determines the number of activities played at any given event. Smaller groups may play three, while larger groups can do more.

Bouncy bubble balls of all sizes provide an injury-free activity that will bring out a whole new side of your coworkers. Who would think that sending your boss flying to the ground with a smile on their face would make you feel so good inside?

Points are accumulated for the winners of each match-up, ending with an award ceremony with crazy trophies and major bragging rights. Nothing builds teams better than competing for a trophy together!


Downhill Zorbing

Strap in to our super-awesome zorbs. You can go solo or fly down with a compadre. The straps make it very safe and very cool.

Bubble Soccer

Just like you’ve seen on YouTube. In these games, you smash into each other all you want. Oh, and maybe try and score some goals. Or not. Bruising is fun too.


Gladiator Zorbing

In our large hamster-like zorb balls, see how long you can stay in the circle. Only the strongest will survive! Just don’t get pushed out. Are you not entertained?

Zorb Racing

Hamster-ball races is the game. Who is the fastest human hamster? Up the ante and compete in team relays.


Zorb Bowling

There are several ways we can go about this. We can set up teams against teams or individuals against the bowling pins. These are massive pins and massive zorbs.

Zorb Obstacle

This is a sweet obstacle course. It can be customized exactly how you want it. You want it to be a race? Great! We can make that happen as well. We can set up timed trials or you can run the course just for fun.


Bubble Sumo or Jousting

Ready . . . SUMO! Sumo wrestling without the giant diapers—unless that’s your thing.

There is also a jousting option. Stay in the circle by wearing the bubble soccer balls, or face off just like the knights of old.

Zorb Relay

Team relay, like we mentioned above. May the fastest and most durable team win. Good luck.

Let’s face it—we all know you’ve always wanted to run around in a zorb.