Stop Pretending Like You’re Going to Work March 19-20th (and come to the biz games)


“…Companies stand to lose at least $1.2 billion for every unproductive work hour during the first week of the tournament” – Challenger Gray

“More than 60 million Americans will go to the office solely to watch games and devour bandwidth.” – Forbes

Instead of pretending to work while you’re streaming the game on your laptop,

NCAA Bracket

come to the Utah business Games, win some productivity back, and engage some of the 68% of Employees that are Unengaged.



I mean look at the forecast

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It’s going to make your employees feel like Ferris Bueller.

Come to UBG Instead

Save your management and employees the charade (and public heath risk) of sneaking to the bathroom to stream the game on their phone Thursday and Friday. Come watch the games and participate as a team.

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I've Stopped Pretending 2

Lastly, Employees

If you can’t play hooky and your company isn’t participating, you should probably just hand in your badge and gun. Below are some ideas on ways that you can express disappointment in your company for not participating:



i Quit

I quit 2