Sponsorship Spotlight: Jane.com and JD “Smooth Move” Stice

Meet 2015 UBG Sponsor, Jane.com

“97% of our customers are women, so it’s safe to say we are very popular among our lady friends. Now before you go thinking we are all about women, we do have a few male shoppers as well. But… they are usually buying something for their main squeeze. What can we say we know women! Interestingly our founder and CEO is in fact male as well as probably half of our employees, including our state of the art dev team.”

What services/products does Jane.com offer?

Jane.com is a boutique marketplace featuring the latest in women’s fashion trends, home décor, and children’s clothing.

As a selling platform for many notable online and brick and mortar boutiques, Jane.com is able to offer a vast selection of products to customers at a fraction of the price. Boasting upwards of 100 deals a day, Jane.com is the perfect playground for any online shopper.


Meet Jane.com All-Star- JD “Smooth Move” Stice

JD “Smooth Move” Stice is his name, and ping ponging is his game. Don’t let his nice demeanor have you fooled, it’s all part of his strategy. On the court, or better yet at the table he’s all business. And let’s just say he majored in winning. #gameface

Secret Weapon:

the foot sweep as seen in the video.

Training Techniques:

Protein Shakes, one handed pushups and fast walking.

Why did Jane.com get involved with the Utah Business Games?

“To walk away from some friendly competition is a missed opportunity. With too much smack talking in the office we needed a way for us to work together as a team and focus that competitive edge on one common goal.”

How do events like UBG help build company culture?

Jane.com has a very unique culture in which we are very employee oriented. Anything that involves our employees in having a good time, we are a part of. It’s just another way for us to grow closer together as a Jane family.

Work at Jane.com!

If you are interested in being part of THE best Dev team on the entire planet then you can visit jane.com/dev for open positions. If staring at and creating code all day isn’t really your thang, then you can send you resume to brooke@jane.com and we will see if their are any positions that might fit your expertise.


Jane.com is sponsoring Division 4 in the ping pong tournament on Thursday. You still have time to get your ticket to the biz games and check out JD’s skills! Register here