UBG Guest Spotlight

Barney Reed, ever heard of him?

He’ll be taking a few days off from his job at Google, Inc. in California to make it out to the Biz Games this year. He’s kind of a big deal. On Thursday, before the singles tournament begins, Barney will be doing an exhibition. Here are some facts about Barney Reed and his history of dominating ping pong:

  • To make sure he was ahead of the game, he started playing at the age of 2.
  • He’s always competed with his left hand, although he’s naturally right-handed.
  • Highest USATT rating is 2751 (average is 1750)
  • 7 time US National Team Member
  • Made 2012 USA Olympic Team!
  • North American Men’s Double Champion
  • National Men’s Double Champion
  • State Champion in 5 different states
  • Maintained a 2500+ rating in 20 years of competitive play
  • Played professional as well as trained in Sweden, Germany, Korea, Taiwan, Croatia, China, Japan, just to name a few.
  • Table Tennis coach at Google, Inc. from 2013-present
  • Coached 2014 Jamaican National Team to Championship Title

Barney Reed

If these facts weren’t impressive enough, we’re not done. Here are some of his hollywood appearances:

  • Seen in Balls of Fury
  • Ping Pong Player
  • Featured on The Late Night with Conan O’Brien
  • Featured on The Ellen Degeneres Show

So if you had your doubts about coming to UBG before, now I know you want to come. Click here to register.