Silver Events

Silver Tournaments do not require pre-registration. Just show up, find what you’re into, compete, earn points & have fun!



An office classic! bring your one hand or two hand technique and go for high score or enter the bracketed tourney. We’ll also have plenty of open play to warm up!


Pickle Ball

This sport is picking up popularity and is a blast! We’ll have plenty of open play as well as a bracketed tournament! Space will be limited on the tourney so sign up early!


Biz Boards

This was a surprising hit last year! We’ll give you a stack of 20 cards, you see how many you can get to stick! We’ll have plenty of open play for you to hone your skills!


Ol’ School Nintendo

We’re thinking pac-man, donkey kong, street fighter, mortal combat, super tecmo bowl or whatever game our tournament station sponsor wants to roll with!


App Games

There’s a lot of cool app development shops out there. We invite them to the Biz Games to let you download & try out there new games. Get high score and win!


Board, Card & Dice Games

Liar’s Dice anyone? What about Risk, Settlers of Catan, Timed Chess, Yahtzee, Scrabble, or Hearts? Our Sponsors will pick their fave & hopefully it’s one of yours!



How could we leave out darts right? We’ll have open, individual & team play as well as an ongoing high score competition and head to head bracket style competition!


Spike Ball

This game is so HOT right now! Not as hot as Hansel, but close! If you haven’t played spike ball, you need to try it out at The Biz Games! Great lunch break game for the office!


Oversized Jenga & Connect 4

Who doesn’t enjoy a 6ft tall game of Jenga or Connect 4 right? We’ll have some fun with head to head competitions in a bracket tournament!


Trivia App Faceoff

It won’t be jeopardy, but close! We’ll let you pick from topics and try to outwit your competitors. We’ll have an individual & team play option to choose from.


Rock Paper Scissors

Yes, we’re actually going to have a bracketed tournament and yes, there actually is a world rock paper scissor championships every year! There’s a science to this? Guess so!


Paper Airplanes

Practice up & bring your cheat sheets or whatever you want, just design your planes at our tables and let them rip. You’ll be surprised how far some of these will go!

Other Competitions

Ready To Get In On The Action?

Competitions vary per market so check out the O-Games Tour Page for more information!