Does Team Building Even Work?

If you are an employer, you have probably asked yourself if team building is even worth it, and if it even works. Maybe you’ve tried things in the past that flopped, or maybe you’ve done some team building in the past that just didn’t work out. Maybe you’ve had bad experiences with team building. In any case, it’s a valid question. Does it work? Is it effective? And, most importantly, is team building worth your time as an employer?

According to a blog from U.S. News, the answer to all those questions is YES.

Lindsay Olson offers some great pointers about what not to and what you should do when planning team-building activities.

In general, she invites those in charge of planning the team building activities to remember the general team climate, specifically making sure coworkers are not hostile or upset with each other. Basically, she urges team leaders to understand their team members and to shape team-building activities to meet those specific needs.

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